Saturday, 30 January 2010

Over the hills but not too far away

Sat. 30th Jan. 2010.

               Today's been  glorious with a cold northerly wind and a cloudless sky. This is a walk that we generally do in Autumn its not  far away ( about 8 miles) its just over rhe moors in the eastern valleys of the Pennines in Yorkshire, known locally as Hardcastle Crags in the Hebden Dale valley.

   This is Millstone Grit country with deep wooded valleys, acid soils and dark peaty rivers which gives the countryside a harder look.
.In the valleys there's bilberry, sedges  mosses and steep rocky  hillsides with plenty of small waterfalls. This is an area with plenty of Industrial Heritage.

The beauty in a single blade of grass

Gibson Mill

Mosses cling to the branches of a Bilberry Bush.

Hebden Dale

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  1. Never seen an ice-encased grass blade before!