Wednesday, 13 January 2010


Wed 13th jan. 2010.

      We've had lying snow now for 28 days and that's a bit unusual even for us up here in the Pennines. I think the novelty of the Christmas Card scene is now wearing a little thin.

           I've just been out into the garden on yet another raw, cold, cloudy, day and have taken a few photos to compare the garden now to what it will look like in the summer. I never cease to be amazed how nature regenerates itself  through the seasons.

My Alpine Trough , only the dead orchid flower stalks of last years orchids protrude through the snow.

The Alphine trough in late June with Common Spotted and Marsh orchids, all the flowers have germinated from orchid seeds that have been carried here on the wind, both in the trough and around the garden.


  1. The summery photos make me feel assured that we have warmer weather to look forward to. :) Yes, the changing seasons are a marvel and each one has its own beauty. You have a fantastic garden David!

  2. Thanks for the visual proof that seasons change. :-) We can already see that the days are getting longer; there is still some lingering light in the western sky as we drive home from work each day.

  3. Yes it wearing a bit thin now, garden in the snow looks a bit sad, but it will soon be spring again. Youve had lots of visitors to your blog, your beating me now. Julie x