Sunday, 24 January 2010

Time for editing

Sunday 24th Jan. 2010.

                This week in general has been dull damp and raw,  tempatures ... 2-6c. I've had no inspiration to venture out into the countryside other than a few short walks, but I haven't been sitting around hatching eggs I've been busy editing  my latest  video  "Orchids in my Garden" a video about wild ochids in my garden and orchids I find on my travels, the video has to be finished in the next two weeks for the annual competition at my local video club... Burnley Film Makers. This entails a lot of patience and imagination to produce a film to competition standards with all the narration and music, in total I'll probably spend over 100 hours editing the original 5 hours of footage down to the maximum 15 minutes allowed in the competition.

Misty view of Pendle hill

The daily visit of our Pheasant

                                                       The general editing layout


  1. Sounds great, and to think I find photoshop time consuming!
    Cheers Colin.

  2. Good luck with the distillation process! I'm sure the final product will be a treasure.

  3. Hope you do well in the competition. I have never thought of taking a video of orchids and wild flowers but it must be a good way of capturing a wider area than a photo can. Can't wait for the Spring/Summer then I'll give it a go.

  4. Hello there David, thanks for your very generous comment on my blog. I’m delighted I popped by to this posting. I’d like to wish you all the best in your video competition :-)

    I also enjoy editing videos for my blog and agree about the final product being a fraction of the footage although my scale starts at around 15-30mins so that is a much smaller job. Funnily enough, Colin, I find it way easier than photoshop layers and masks :-D

    The one thing I struggle with is any voice-overs. I fully appreciate the time you will put into that alone. I’ve only done a few and don’t see ever making them a regular feature.

    I was wondering if you might consider posting a brief (or longer) video on your blog. I’m certain your visitors, like me, would enjoy seeing it :-D

  5. I try to sort my photos into some order when the weather is bad, unfortunately I am soon looking through the window wanting to escape :)
    Hope the competition goes well, you must let us see it after - I for one am interested in the Orchids you see.