Thursday, 7 January 2010

Walking in our frozen countryside

Thurs.7 Jan. 2010.
           It's been a beautiful sunny clear frosty day after a very cold start -10c on my outside temperature gauge in and the garden and probably colder than that in some of the valley frost hollows.

     Today I took another local walk of about 6 mlies into Cockden and the lower end of Thursden valley. I know this local countryside like the back of my hand because it was my childhood playground. Just get away from the very few paths and you're alone with nature in this high Pennine valley,certainly today no foot had trod the crystallized frozen snow, the air was still and the whole valley seemed to be in a Deep Freeze, I saw nothing only a Dipper and a Snipe.

   Below are a few of the images taken this afternoon in Thursden Valley

 And finally the setting sun on my way home.


  1. Beautiful photos. I particularly like the ones of plumey ice crystals.

  2. Hello David. :) These are wonderful photographs!