Tuesday, 5 January 2010

A snowy winters day

Tues. Jan. 5th 2010.

                Like many parts of the country we've had another fall of snow 8 inches (20 cms) so far this morning and it's still snowing A bit of garden care was needed this morning before I ventured out to take a few local snow scenes. Firstly all the bird feeders and fat ball containers were topped up, our birds are relying on us to keep them going in this harsh weather.My second  concern was the wildlife ponds, the've had snow covering the ice for the passed 2 weeks so no light can penetrate this covering and the oxygenating plants will die through lack of light so I swept the snow off part of the pond. A hole had also to be made in the ice to allow air into the pond and to let any decomposing gases escape.
   Its seems a grim world under the ice but nature has addapted and the minnows, sticklebacks and frogs always seem to survive,( the frogs hibernate in the mud at the bottom of the pond. )

       The local scene at Mid-day today


  1. Im a bit envious we have only had a dusting of Snow here. It looks great for photography up there.
    cheers Colin.

  2. Great shots again. And I am sure your birds thank you.

  3. Hi there David, great images of a very familiar landscape and garden activity! Fav shots were the last two. Keep warm :-D

  4. Hi...I've just come across you blog and really liked the photos. I agree it is amazing how the creatures in the ponds seem to survive so well in freezing weather. Helen