Sunday, 17 January 2010

A slippery walk into Craven Country

Sun. 17th Jan. 2010.
             Nothing remarkable about todays walk of about 8 miles other than the fact that we all got out together.The day was mostly overcast and dull with rain showers temp 6c. This is the second day of the thaw but underfoot it was extremely slippy in places were the water was standing on top of the ice and the ground was still frozen under the surface.The walk started from the village of Gargrave and followed the Pennine Way northwards to Airton firstly over fields and then along the banks of the River Aire then we cut across country to Kirkside Lane (a green lane) which was very wet and icy all the way to Otterburn Beck at Bell Busk. Both the River Aire and Otterburn Beck were running high from the thawing snow higher in the Pennines which were still snow covered .

                     Looking north into Craven country around Malham.                     

The swollen River Aire

   Picnic at Airton Weir

The swollen Otterburn Beck at Bell Busk


  1. Glad to see you all enjoying the fresh air and beautiful views, the snow seems to add a certain light to everything.

  2. The photos are lovely! You all look like you're enjoying yourselves and I really admire you for getting out there in the fresh air.