Monday, 21 January 2013

Never Too Old

Mon.21st Jan.2013
             A good covering of snow this morning this was too good to miss, so out came our 40 years old homemade sledge again for a good bit of old fashioned fun sledging down the local golf coarse not far from our house. Loads of people were sledging and we were definitely the oldest (sledges) out today, but who cares life's too short to miss this bit of fun.

                                             Setting off

                    I prefer the old fashioned belly dive position

                                     Having a jolly good time

              Homeward bound for a cup of coffee and a hot mince pie

Thursday, 17 January 2013

A winters day on Pendle

Wed 16th January 2013
                                   For the last few days the weather has turned more seasonable with a light covering of snow in our area. We're not people for sitting about so we choose to walk over Pendle Hill  this morning the  first ascent of 2013. The morning felt quite mild -2c with very little wind so we set off from Barley village for the 6 miles circular walk, a walk we've done dozens of times throughout the seasons. There's something about a walk in the snow that gives a new lease of life and lifts the spirits in the dark winter months.

        Pendle Hill viewed from above the village of Newchurch in Pendle

                              Along the ridge above Ogden Clough

A spring bubbles up near to south ridge of Pendle Hill  this is one of sources of Pendle Water which flows into the River Calder then into the River Ribble reaching the sea south of Blackpool at Lytham.

                                  Along Pendle's southern edge

                       Frost and ice crystals on the blades of grass

                                      Pendle's summit 1831 ft

Wintry scenes on the top of Pendle with the high cloud proceeding warmer air from the Atlantic spreading over from the west, this is heralding snow as the warmer air clashes with the cold continental air from the east.

    The wire fence takes on an added attraction in the freezing conditions

            Finally down the tourist path back to the village of Barley


Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Keeping Busy

Wed. 2nd Jan. 2013
           For the first time in around thirty odd years we didn't celebrate New Years Eve with our friends because both me and my wife Audrey had caught the dreaded cough and cold that doing the rounds up in our part of the world. We assume we've caught it off our three young grandsons during the Christmas period.
      Not being one to sit around and let the cold and cough take it's course (even though I did feel grotty) I  edited another short film on one of my favourite subjects (Wild Orchids) that I'm so passionate about. I've tried to weave a message into the story line to make the film a little more imaginative Once again it features Eric one of my life long friends, he's good talking to the camera and we rarely have to shoot a second take.
       I'm not sure that this video can be viewed by some of my followers, If it can be viewed I'd been interested to hear any comments as how far it's reached on the Internet.