Monday, 21 January 2013

Never Too Old

Mon.21st Jan.2013
             A good covering of snow this morning this was too good to miss, so out came our 40 years old homemade sledge again for a good bit of old fashioned fun sledging down the local golf coarse not far from our house. Loads of people were sledging and we were definitely the oldest (sledges) out today, but who cares life's too short to miss this bit of fun.

                                             Setting off

                    I prefer the old fashioned belly dive position

                                     Having a jolly good time

              Homeward bound for a cup of coffee and a hot mince pie


  1. Great....Pleased my husband and I aren't the only oldies that enjoy sledging:))))

  2. Brilliant David! Looked like you all had a great time. My daughter told me she was extreme sledging up outside Aberdeen - I don't want to think what that involved!