Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Keeping Busy

Wed. 2nd Jan. 2013
           For the first time in around thirty odd years we didn't celebrate New Years Eve with our friends because both me and my wife Audrey had caught the dreaded cough and cold that doing the rounds up in our part of the world. We assume we've caught it off our three young grandsons during the Christmas period.
      Not being one to sit around and let the cold and cough take it's course (even though I did feel grotty) I  edited another short film on one of my favourite subjects (Wild Orchids) that I'm so passionate about. I've tried to weave a message into the story line to make the film a little more imaginative Once again it features Eric one of my life long friends, he's good talking to the camera and we rarely have to shoot a second take.
       I'm not sure that this video can be viewed by some of my followers, If it can be viewed I'd been interested to hear any comments as how far it's reached on the Internet.


  1. Hi David! Congratulations on your wonderful orchid find and the quality of your video is wonderful... as you know by now, I love everything you post and I don't find you "eccentric" at all. What a marvelous and healthy hobby you have and I for one am thankful that you share it with the world! Sincerely, Larry

  2. Good film Dave. Just watch it on Irene's iPad
    See you Monday night.

    1. Carl.... Welcome to the world of blogging

  3. I can't say I have ever been called an anorak - Flower Twitcher yes, Great Video David, Happy Hunting for 2013.

  4. Hello from Belize, David! I watched most of your video and it is very enjoyable - the cinematography is first rate. I didn't have the bandwidth to watch the whole thing. Currently at our place in Belize, we are using a dongle to capture mobile signal and to get the mobile signal strong enough we are using a signal booster. Actually amazed that I could watch any of the video. Slow download, but worth it. Wishing you and Audrey a wonderful 2013. Cheers, Wilma