Monday, 11 January 2010

A winter walk in Pendleside

Sunday 10th Jan.2010.

                      The cold weather persists but there is a hint of slightly warmer air this morning only -1c. With the roads being bad we've had a local walkof about 6 miles today into our local pendleside country (Pendle Witch Country)

The small white building to the lower right in the mid. distance is Clarion House.

We called in at the Clarion House I.L.P.(independent labour party), It was built in1912 to help people of limited means and to promote the world of socialism by people with no personal gain other than the knowledge that they would leave this world a better place than when they entered it.
It's located in a little valley near to Newchurch -in- Pendle and is opened every Sunday by volunteers , it is used by walkers and cyclists, just buy a drink of  tea or coffee and eat your own sandwiches, everyone is made very welcome. Clarion house now holds a place in our local history.


                                                           Roughlee waterfall


  1. Clarion house look a lovely warm and welcoming place to be in such cold weather, especially after a snowy walk.
    I wish we had something like that around here as it tends to be all expensive pubs. The pub we called in to at the weekend didn't even have its fire going despite it being -1 outside. Needless to say there weren't many customers.

  2. Another grand set of photos, plus an excellent walk. How often do you walk as a group?

  3. Thankyou for your question,we walk every Sunday we're not realy a walking group we're just friends who just enjoy the countryside.

  4. What a fabulous blog you have David! I've quickly skimmed through some, but need to go out now so will put aside time tonight for a leisurely browse.

    Hubby and I walked down your way years ago when we were staying at Haworth. Unforgetable countryside!

    Are wild orchids difficult to grow?

  5. We didn't plant any, the seeds have just blown in and germinated the conditions must just be right for them.

  6. Lucky you! What a gift from Nature! :)