Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Where are all the salmon spawning ?

A late Autumn afternoon on Twiston Beck a tributary of the River Ribble..... we walked along the length of this beck to where it joins Ings Beck and followed the now larger beck for another another 1/2 mile but not a sign of the salmon spawning. A few years ago we would have seen several  fish of up to10lbs in weight along this gravely stretch prepairing to spawn.

Sunday 15th Nov. 09. Another walk into the Bowland fells to the fish ladder.  This is my 4th visit but again no sign of any salmon, either we're  very unlucky or the fish have changed their spawning time due to the change in our climate. What else did we see ? ........a flock of  Lapwings and Fieldfares and at dusk large flocks of  Starlings going to roost.

A wintery scene 

Hugging an Oak tree about 250 years old.


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  1. Great autumn photos, I especially like the oak getting a well-deserved hug! Hope the salmon show up at some point for their photo shoot.