Thursday, 26 November 2009

video..... Salmon at Padiham Weir

hur. 26th Nov. 09
Here are two short sections of a video I've made about the Salmon at Padiham Weir, it's my first attempt to upload video onto my blog. Each section is limited to 100 megabytes so that limits each video clip to about 30 seconds.


  1. Dad, that was absolutely fabulous, its brilliant being able to watch video on your blog. I'll show the kids later. Glad I was able to help you with it. Speak later

    Julie x

  2. Thankfully the weir in padiham has now been knocked down. That's not the only one,Every waterfall,weir and obstacle in a salmon or sea trout's has had work done to it to let the fish can now get as far up the river as Barley!