Friday, 20 November 2009

I'm determined to succeed

 Thurday Nov. 19th 09.

                            I've been down Twiston Beck again this afternoon on a overcast, dire, windy day but thankfully it didn't rain even though it was forecast. After yesterdays heavy rain it was another opportunity to see if the salmon had ascended  the beck to spawn.After firstly walking up the beck for about a mile I saw nothing so I retraced my walk and then followed the beck downstream for about another mile to where it joins Ings Beck, my hopes of any sightings being almost zero so my approach to some of the more favoured spots was rather clumsy and noisy and in doing so I was unaware that I was staring at 3 salmon at the lower end of the small  pool perfectly camouflaged against the pebbly bottom of the stream, by the time I'd realised what I was seeing and poised my camera they were off into deeper water. I crouced down and waited for about 20 mins. but they didn't return and by then the light had faded, but I am determined to return and capture a shot of the salmon spawning somewhere along the beck before the've all spawned.

Twiston Beck with Pendle Hill in the background

Upper Twiston Beck

                The pool where I saw the salmon.... looking upstream  

Looking down stream
  The salmon were positioned just to the right hand side of the submerged dark rock... perfect for photographing

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