Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Heads above the clouds

Tues.10th Nov. 09.
      It's coming up to the season that I enjoy if only for one reason..... Winter Walking. Looking back in my picture folders there's one walk that will always remain in my memory not only for the spectacular scenery but also to have been able share it with some of my best mates, it was the walk that I also filmed with my video camera in Jan. 2006.

All  pictures ... David Ashworth
The Brocken Spectre

  Images below are frames from my video


       Kirkby Stephen Station the end of a memorable walk      

    The walk (led by Eric) started off from Garsdale Head railway station  on a cold, foggy, frosty morning in the Pennines, but as the day unfolded it turned out to be one of the walks of a lifetime and I called it...." HEADS ABOVE THE CLOUDS". The 13 miles walk followed the high ridges  along  the Pennines  over Wild Boar Fell and down into Kirkby Stephen. 
      The Highlight of the walk was the sighting of the "Brocken Spectre" the ghostly shadow of ourselves being projected down on the clouds with a halo around us, probably a once in a life time experience. I hope that we can repeat it but sadly we'll never be able to experience the same weather conditions unless we're very lucky.


  1. Hi David -- I have seen that same phenomenon from an airplane; admitedly not as dramatic as what you experienced, but very cool all the same. Great photos, frames, etc to illustrate your special walk.


  2. Fabulous photos dad. Remembering watching the video looked brilliant.

    Julie x

  3. Great photos, that looks a fantastic experience.
    cheers Colin.

  4. By the way, just realised we know your daughter, she knows my wife Maggie!, small world is'nt it.
    Cheers Colin.