Friday, 27 November 2009

The run continues

Friday 27th nov.09

                           This has been the longest period I've ever known for the run of the Salmon up to the higher reaches of the River Ribble and it still goes on, the've been passing up through the falls since the second half of August. Today I just thought we would look in at Stainforth Foss to watch and marvel at the sheer volume of water going over these falls and to our surprise there were several Salmon trying to ascend the falls with no success while we were watching because of the volume of water. I've been watching the salmon run for over 50 years and it's definitely later than it used to be.There is a traditional day in our area for watching the Salmon spawning at various known locations on the river it is known as "Salmon Sunday" and it's always the Sunday nearest the 24th of November.

   So I've come to the conclusion that I might have been too early  to photograph them spawning so there's still a chance that I may still get the shots I'm after.

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