Thursday, 5 November 2009

My Wild Live Garden...... Being less tidy.

Thursday Nov.5th 09.

                  Traditionally  Nov. is the month for tidying up the garden..... but not my garden, wildlife gardening gives me the perfect excuse to be less tidy. Dead foliage, seedheads and all the garden decay are best left over winter for all the hibernating  insects to overwinter in.and it also leaves a structure for those frosty and snowy mornings when the garden is transformed into abstract shapes that give the garden such an attractive appeal during the cold darker months of Winter.
         Looking around my garden this morning dodging the heavy showers the pond seemed quiet lifeless, there were no pond skaters, the water lilies were dying back and the shoals of sticklebacks and minnows had gone into hiding in the deeper areas of the pond under the water weed, but I did see some frogs digging them selves into the mud at the bottom of the pond. 

      All my orchid spikes have dispersed their seeds and only their skeletons remain,so on this cold November morning the garden is quickly shutting down for winter.



  1. The garden looks lovely, Dad, still lots of colour. Dont give mum the brush so she wont sweep up the leaves!!
    Love Julie x

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