Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Highlights from the Scotish Islands (part 1) Arran

Tuesday 27th July 2010
           The following photos are just a snippet of the wonderful holiday we had on the Scottish Islands in June and early July on our holiday of discovery either cycling or on foot  finding the beautiful orchids that grow on these beautiful unspoilt islands.This was our first visit to the Isle of Arran.We were impressed with its varied landscape, it is known as Scotland in miniature.

                 Our campsite at Kildonan the most southerly point
                 on Arran with Ailsa Craig Island on the horizon

Probably one of the most tiring walks we've done for several years, this was a section of the coastal path along the southern coast which crossed a rockfall that was several hundred yards long

                               At last we past the rockfall

                           The long slog up Goat Fell

                  The glaciated landscape of the interior

                                The summit 2868 ft.

                 A mutation....a double headed Heath Spotted Orchid

                               Blackwaterfoot Harbour

The promise of a another fine day ....tomorrow we sail to the Outer Hebrides

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  1. Oh David, fabulous photos! They bring back good memories for me as I spent two fantastic holidays pony-trekking in Arran when I was a child, based at Blackwaterfoot. Arran is indeed Scotland in miniature. :)