Monday, 26 July 2010

The Orchid still eludes us

Monday 26th July 2010.
                        Last Frid. 23rd July we sent another day in amongst the splendid scenery around Malham Tarn searching out the Clints and Grikes in the Limestone Pavements for the rare Dark Red Helleborine but the search was in vain..After the long search we returned to the Malham Tarn Estate and after a few enquires  we managed to speak to Martin the Manager of the estate who had a vast knowledge of the flora of the area and was very helpful. We were told that the Dark Red Helleborine hadn't been seen for several years after they removed some old Larch trees from he area, this allowed stronger foliage to grow up and  smothered them but steps are now being taken to reverse the problem.

         Malham Tarn has an extensive area of wetland on its western shores called The Moss this is also worth exploring because of its rare plants ,we found two new plants that we had never seen in the area before.

                                        Malham Tarn

                   The Clints and Grikes above Malham Tarn

         Monk's- Hood growing in the woods surrounding Malham Tarn

The following flowers were found in the wetland  
surrounding Malham Tarn

                                            Marsh Cinquefoil (new)

Common Wintergreen ( becoming rare because of its specialised habitat) (new)

                                           Bog Asphodel

                                  Sundew (carnivorous plant)

                                    Northern Marsh Orchid   ?

                                  Common Valerian


  1. Lovely selection of flowers David. There's a good site for dark red helleborines at Bishop Middleham Quarry near Durham
    although it's quite a few years since I've gone there to take a look..

  2. Gorgeous wildflowers... it's so lovely to see them in their natural habitat.