Sunday, 18 July 2010

Another orchid search

Saturday 17thJuly 2010
                                 It's been very unsettled and cool the last few days and having spent the week  straightening up the garden and painting at our son and daughter-in- law's house before the arrival of their 3rd son we had another orchid search in the high Pennines for the later seasons orchids that would still be in flower.We had searched the area previously  in Upper Ribblesdale around Ribblehead in June this year before our 5 weeks holiday. There were a few surprises but nothing that we would consider rare and our hope of finding the Dark- Red  Helleborine on the limestone pavements came to nothing but it is a rare orchid. I'll show just a few photos of the walk which we did enjoy even though we were almost blown off our feet on some of the more exposed hillsides.

                           Two late flowering Frog Orchids

    This is Ribblehead Station on the famous Settle to Carlisle Railway, here in the old sidings we found that the Wild Strawberries were at their best, just perfect for a healthy snack.

 In the old quarry next to Ribblehead Station we found a few more species of orchids the best find of the day was the Marsh Helleborine.


                                     Marsh Helleborine
  In amongst the Ladies Bedstraw the Common Spotted and the odd Fragrant Orchid all passed their best.
            The Carline Thistle  not very common up here in the north.
From the Limestone Pavement the Carlisle train can be seen crossing Ribblehead Viaduct.

Below Inglebrough on the Limestone Pavements Amongst the clints and grikes this is where we hoped to find the Dark- Red Helleborine with no success so we'll try another area of Pavement next week.
                  The Hart's Tongue Fern growing in the grikes
    The Limestone Pavement with the Ribblehead Viaduct in the distance

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