Thursday, 22 July 2010

Dramatic Lighting

Thursday 22nd July 2010
             Two days ago in the late evening the lighting outside our house looked very dramatic and I though we were in for a real bad storm because a few hours earlier in Liverpool, Preston and Keswick in the Lake District had some torrential rain and fairly widespread flooding .The clouds built up and the sky darkened dramatically but them the sun broke through in the northwestern sky and produced a golden contrasty light  casting strong shadows under the dense cloud in the late evening sunshine. The only rain was a light shower and the odd flash of lightning.

                                  The making of a big storm

                       The sun breaking through over Pendle Hill

                                       Down our avenue

                 Looking across to Blackburn and beyond to Preston

                                 The dark cloud passes


  1. It looks like the weather the americans get. Brilliant sunset Julie x

  2. Very dramatic and lovely!

  3. gosh what a storm ! I bet everyone felt great afterwards with all those negative ions .