Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Scotish Islands (part 2) Outer Hebrides ... Vatersay and Barra

Tues3rd Aug 2010
                         We sailed out of Oban  on Monday 14th June for the 41/2 hours sail (140 miles) to Barra and Vatersay which is connected to Barra with a causeway these two Islands are the most southerly of the Outer Hebrides.
                    Passing some of the Inner Hebrides on route
     We stayed at a Crofters House for 4 nights by the side of a Sea Loch
                                   Exploring the Island of Barra

                    White sandy beaches and turquoise clear water

                        The beach is the Islands Runway
                                          Crofters House
                         Castlebay the main village on Barra

The Island of Vatersay

These are Heath Spotted Orchids the start of our Orchid search through the Islands,a search that would reveal thousands of orchids as we explored  northwards through the Islands

                                            Marsh Orchids

          Heath Spotted Orchids and growing amongst them ....Lousewort

                              Typical Hebredian cloudscape


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  1. thanks for your great account of your holiday Last year we went to Mull Iona & Skye fell in love with the machair and have got to return again this year to explore more islands and spot more flowers. Heard but did not see Corncrakes on Iona.