Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Two Sunny Days ( heather & the elusive orchid)

Tuesday !7th Aug. 2010
             It's hard to believe but we've had two sunny days without any rain (Sunday and Monday) so we've been out enjoying the sunny warmer weather, firstly  the countryside on our doorstep on a short section of the Pennine Way over the heather hills above Lothersdale and then back into Craven country around Elslack and Thornton-in-Craven.

                        Sunday 15th Aug.

                           Looking across into Craven Country

                          On the Pennine Way above Lothersdale

       A Bumble Bee licking up Minerals from a dried out muddy puddle

                         The Curlews have left for the coast but
                         we didn't expect to see a flock of Lapwings

  Monday 16th Aug.
             Anyone who follows my blog will have realized by now that orchids have an enormous appeal to me because their variation, beauty and vibrant colours and because we've come to the end of the orchid season for this year I thought I'd  have a stab at finding the last orchid of the season ...... the tiny delicate Autumn Lady's Tresses. It grows around the northern shores of Morecambe Bay in our own county of Lancashire in an area of outstanding natural beauty,so killing two birds with one stone Audrey, myself and Eric one of our friends set out around the shores of Morecombe Bay to seek out this tiny elusive orchid.

                             The picturesque seafront at Arnside

To give no clues of the location of the orchid distant views are being kept to a minimum

     The orchids are very difficult to find because of their size and colour.

   After much searching four tiny Autumn Lady's Tresses about 11/2 inches tall

                                Eric gets down for some closeups

                       Me and Eric enthusiastic after the find

               A closer look reveals the beauty of these tiny orchids

                               We weren't the only enthusiasts

Two more plants growing with the Autumn Lady's Tresses

                                     Lesser Centaury ?


The Autumn Lady's Tresses was the find of the day
and I think it concludes this years search for our beautiful wild orchids






  1. My goodness, those orchids are really tiny.... but beautiful nonetheless. I love the shots of the heather on the moors

  2. Lovely photos...I have never seen Autumn Lady's Tresses other than in books. The Orchid season seems to have gone by so quicly this year...can't wait for next year.

  3. Oh, you found them! They really are small, huh? Why the secrecy of the location? Thought you might like this Ohio blogger and his Spiranthes: http://bluejaybarrens.blogspot.com/2010/08/spiranthes-orchid-time.html

  4. Hi... The problem over here in Britain is if there are any rare orchids on sites that certain people get to know about there's a good chance that they could be dug up and planted in their own gardens. The orchids generally don't survive because the conditions are unsuitable and also it soon depleats the remaining wild stock, even university botanists have been known to dig them up.

  5. Hmm, that's terribly unfortunate. I thought collecting orchids from the wild went out of fashion in... uh, 1905.