Sunday, 18 April 2010

Up Hill and Down Dale

Sunday 18th April 2010.
          An uneventful weekend with the just the odd surprise. On Sat. we went up to the garden on the moor to film the final shots for my film about John Williams and his remarkable moorland garden but we were too early for the drifts of daffodils I require for the spring sequence it will be another week before enough flowers are open to make the shots impressive (spring comes late to these high moorland valleys) but I did record his narration.


 Sat...          Noah Dale the valley of the garden on the moor

                                 The garden on the moor

                           John Williams talking to camera

                             The promise of things to come

Sunday 18th April
     Todays walk in the Ribble Valley exploring the backwaters on little used paths in areas we've never explored With the usual show of early spring flowers.

    A Salmon fish pass on one of the small tributaries of the Ribble

 On the lane side both Alternate and Opposite leaved Golden Saxifrage
growing happly together, this is a suprise to me because the flower books
state that the Alternate leaved Golden Saxifrage is much less common,
 in this location it dominates the Opposite leaved species.
          On the left Alternate leaved and to the right Opposite leaved
                                                           The first Bluebells
                                                            above Twiston Beck

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  1. Hi David, I do enjoy the seeing the scenery along your walks. I especially like to see the wildflowers you come across too. The alpines are always a bonus of course :-D

    Sounds like you are getting close to editing your film on John and his garden. I'll guess that will take some time to put together but the final result will speak for itself. You have a great eye for this. Good luck :-D