Saturday, 3 April 2010

One of my favourite walks

Sat.3rd April 2010
       Today has felt a real Spring day and things are on the move.This short walk down Twiston Beck lying under the shadow of Pendle hill is one of my favourites in our area especially in springtime, spring is always a bit earlier in this limestone valley because of its lower altitude near to the Ribble Valley. It's this valley that I also visit in the late Autumn to watch the Salmon spawning.
                                                 Pendle Hill
           Worsaw Hill the setting for many of the scenes in the film ....
          "Whistle Down the Wind"

 The early spring flowers we found today down Twiston Beck.

                                           Twiston Beck


                                      Alternate- leaved Golden Saxifrage

                                          Lesser Celandine


                                               Wood Anemone


  1. lovely photos these, specially the celandines, haven't seen many up here (Scotland) this year,

  2. Lovely to see a splash of colour it still seems to be in short supply David !!!

  3. Are rampsons the same thing as ramps? I was just photographing the ramps in our woods this morning, but they are not as lush as your ramsons. I'll put the pictures on my next post (I hope tomorrow late). Looks like a wonderful spring walk.


  4. Hi Wilma Rampsons is the correct name for our Wild Garlic. This Plant dominates many of our woodlands in April and early May. The white flowers will soon be opening and the woodland floor will be transformed into a sea of white, you can't mistake this flower because of its strong garlic smell.

  5. Hi again Wilma
    The Rampsons spelling on my previous answer is incorrect the correct spelling is Ramsons.

  6. The beck looks a magical place David and, as always, your photographs are gorgeous. I planted some celandine in the garden a couple of years ago and I'm delighted to see that there are quite a lot of baby ones coming up. They're a cheering flower to greet the start of the year.