Saturday, 10 April 2010

The last Snowdrop

Sat. 10th April 2010.
        It's been the warmest day of the year so far 17.5c .I've been up to the garden on the moor to film the daffodil shots for my spring sequence but I was too early it will be at least another week before they've open enough to give a good show.In my own garden growth is still painfully slow but I'm sure the pace will quicken with this warmer weather The tadpoles are all hatched but not very active as yet. My last snowdrop is just about in flower and some of the earlier spring flowers are opening but the garden is still very sparse.
                                  The last Snowdrop for this year
            The first Spears of my wild orchids are coming through
                         More orchids showing around my pond
                              Celandines besides the stream
                                            Wild Primroses
                                     Cowslips by the pond
               The Marsh Marrigolds will be in flower this coming week

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  1. This mild weather is bringing everything on, lets hope we get no late frosts.