Monday, 5 April 2010

Not so rare

Sunday 4th April 2010.
    The golden saxifrage as always held my attention in the early spring with its green and yellow splashes of colour in woodland flushes, wet rocks and stream sides and yesterday we found several displays of this delicate flower on our walk with our friends in the Ribble valley. I've always been aware that there are two types of this plant ...The Opposite leaved and the Alternate leaved both look identical at first glance,  but because the flower books state that the alternate leaved type is rare I've never really looked  at it closely  until this year,these are my observations up to now......The Alternate Leaved Golden Saxifrage seems to grow in the Limestone areas of our local countryside and I've found quite a few sites , the Opposite Leaved  Golden Saxifrage only seems to be present  in Millstone Grit, Sandstone areas and soils with a higher acid content. I've found Both species growing within a short distance of each other in just one location I can only assume the soil is more neutral and suitable for both types.The opposite leaved species grows around my top pond in the garden.
             A good showing of the Opposite Leaved Golden Saxifrage
                  A site of the Alternate Leaved Golden Saxifrage

                                             Alternate leaved
                                             Opposite leaved
                       Opposite leaved around the top garden pond

Easter Monday afternoon.5th April 2010
     A short distance over the Pennines into Yorkshire this afternoon and a quick walk down into Hardcastle Crags comfirmed that all the Golden Saxifrage growing in this humid wooded valley (and theres' plenty of it) was the opposite leaved  species, it's what I would expected because this is a valley of Millstone Grit and Acid soils.

                                      Hardcastle Crags
                            Draping down in dripping conditions
        Opposite Leaved Golden Saxifrage growing in ideal conditions


  1. Good find it's certainly rare round here, I have not found any in this area, plenty of opposite leaved. I'll have to try harder :)

  2. I love the photo of Hardcastle Crags at the top David. Is that Emily Bronte with Keeper in the photo? :D