Saturday, 24 April 2010

12 months filming completed

Sat. 24th april 2010.
           After probably more than 25 visits over the last 12 months I finally filmed my last shots to complete my film of John william's Garden on the Moor that I started filming last May.This is my 3rd visit in 2 weeks to film the daffodils, they've been very slow in opening owing to the late spring and north facing aspect, another few days will see them at their best but I'm going away for a few days so this morning has been a slight compromise.
      I've also noticed that spring is racing forward in my own garden in the past week and all the spring flowers are looking good in the bright warm sunshine.

A few shots of my Garden

My colony of  Wood Anemones has started to spread

                                 The first Marsh Mariogold

         Celandines by the stream it's surprising where they colonize

                                       Cowslips by the pond

                                       Snake's head fritillary

       In the Scree garden of my favourites.... the Pasque flower


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  1. I love seeing you pond it looks so natural.I have a blue pasque flower in the garden at the moment a self seeded gift from the birds maybe!