Sunday, 7 March 2010

Walking new paths on our doorstep..... and the first Celendine of the year

Sunday 7th March 2010.
                              It's hard to believe that in the countryside on our own doorstep there are new walks to tread which open up new views of familiar landmarks. On todays walk of about 9 miles we followed paths onto unfamiliar hills and moorland even though we were never more than 5 miles from our homes. It's suprising how we just accept our local countryside  around Pendle Hill  because we've lived here all our lives, but on this walk on this sunny day in early spring we realise that you don't have to go far for a lovely days outing.
We found our first Lesser Celendine of the year

                                                          On the Pendle Way
A new view of Nelson with Blacko Tower and the distant Bouldsworth Hill
A different aspect of Pendle Hill from Wheathead Height

Ingleborough in the distance still snow capped

Pendle  across Twiston Moor

One of several deserted farmhouses

                                                                        Pendle Hill
Pendle Hill the more familiar view

Back through Aitken Wood 

Ice on the small steams sheltered from the sun
The finish of  the walk ....down through the Water Meetings and back to Barrowford with Bouldsworth hill in the background


  1. Hi i seem to think earlier that most of those lands have just weeds as vegetation, so it is easier to walk anywhere. Then one of your photos have real forest where you walk thru, it could have been difficult because of fallen branches. At least in your part of the world, the vegetation is not so mixed up that will give you a very difficult passage, as in here. Happy walking!

  2. I love to visit your blog David such high quality pictures. Do you use a SLR or a good quality compact camera ?

  3. no sign of our celendines here, just plenty of leaves.

  4. To Geordie Magpie.... In answering your question on my camera ,it's an inexpensive small compact Kodak V1003 camera with only a 3xzoom, it has an All Glass Kodak Retinar aspheric lense 36-108mm, closeup focus and manual overide for tricky exposures, the camera cost me £100 including case and a 1GB SD card. I bought it about 3 years ago.