Sunday, 28 March 2010

The arrival of spring is frustratingly slow

     A good walk over the Bowland Fells to blow away the cobwebs.... Sun.28th March 2010.

Sunday March 28th 2010
                I don't know about other parts of the country but up here in the Lancashire Pennines Spring is frustratingly slow to gather pace after our colder than average winter.Whether it's because I'm getting older and more impatient and longing for some warm sun on my back I'm not sure ,but I'll bring my Blog up to date about the progress of my garden.
                              The Snowdrops are finishing
                                  The miniature Daffs are opening
 A hungry Hedgehog just wakened from hibernation (suprisingly small to have survived the winter)
                          My resident Ducks are still around
    A favourite of mine around the top pond... the Golden Saxifrage.
                              The first Primroses are opening
 In the Alpine Scree Garden some of the early alpines are already in flower
                              The Purple Saxifrage is at it's best.
  It will be about 2 weeks before this beautiful alpine comes into flower
 on the cliffs of Phen-y-ghent in the Pennines.

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  1. Everything also seems a bit behind time where we are 'down south'. I feel very impatient this year but things do seem to be on the move at last with more wild and garden flowers out every day. Sorry to see you might be in for more snow.