Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Spawning has reached its peak

Wed.17th March 2010.
                            Yesterday and today the frogs that are spawning in our garden have peaked at about 90 to 100 similar to last year, even though I did lose some owing to the very cold weather earlier in the year sadly they were frozen to death in the ice of the shallower pond in the corner of the garden.This year the conditions for spawning have been excellent once the warmer weather arrived over the weekend. Temperatures have remain fairly constant with day time highs of 12-13c and night temperatures of 6-7c the pond temperature is a fairly constant 8-9c.These conditions are ideal because there has been no night frosts which cool down the pond  temperature and slow down the rate of spawning.
Crocuses opening after a slow start


  1. How wonderful to see all the frogs peeping out from the water. I have no arrivals yet but it has been very very cold here.
    I like the shape of your blends in beautifully with your garden.

    Lovely to see crocuses, is it not?

  2. Hello again, Davin.Your crocus are looking good to me :-)

    Like Cheryl, I very much enjoyed seeing the layout of your pond. I like the look you have there. I also like the frog photos too. What a busy place it is :-D