Friday, 19 March 2010

The best of pals

Friday 19th March 2010.
                     It's a regular sight in our garden to see the pheasant and the ducks feeding together on the lawn in the morning . The frogs are still spawning but the area of spawn never seems to increase, what the frogs are doing they're forcing all the earlier spawn into the deeper area of the pond with all the writhing action of their hind legs.
There's still plenty of activity in the pond
             We're all good pals
A liking for raisins


  1. A lovely photo of the birds David. The colours of the male pheasant's plumage is glorious. We very rarely see the males, but see lots of females. Are they shy? Yours certainly isn't! :)

  2. My two lovely mallard visitors were sadly run over this week. So very sad.

    Love the photograph....the male pheasant is so beautiful, isn't he?