Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Searching in Wharfedale

Wed . 19th June 2013
                                Last Sunday we spent almost 5 hours in and around Grass Woods near Grassington. One of the reasons for our visit was to find the Birds Nest Orchid which grows in deep shade in the leaf litter under the Beech trees We were given a good pointer for the locations by Terry a friend who is a great naturalist across a very broad spectrum. After a bit of Needle in a Haystack search Audrey found just one which was quite a good specimen. The Birds Nest Orchid has no green chlorophyll and grows as a parasite on the roots of trees.

           Birds-Eye Primrose at the side of the many paths in the area

                                          Birds-Eye Primrose

                           Wild Pansies in the open grassland

                                      More Early Purple Orchids

                               The darker shade of Grass Woods

        This is what we'd been looking for.... the Birds Nest Orchid

The orchid is about a quarter of the way along the bottom of the photo

The distinctive orchid flower but no colour. This is a new find for us, an unusual and fairly rare orchid

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  1. It must be exciting to look for all these really neat orchids and have success finding them... And such a great way to stay in shape as well... I admire your life style! Larry