Friday, 21 June 2013

On my local patch

21st June 2013l

      Looking around my garden yesterday the first wild orchids of the season were opening. I think the darker pink ones at the side of the pond are Marsh Orchid hybrids, but the rest are just Common Spotted Orchids

                                    Marsh Orchid hybrid

There are Water Avens (Geum rivale) and Wood Avens (Geum uranum) growing around the garden  they've just become established from seeds blown in from the surrounding countryside,but on closer examination I think they might have cross pollinated to produce a yellow Water Aven instead of the usual  brown coloured ones, but I'm not so sure about this.

                                            Water Avens

                                           Wood Aven

           The Yellow coloured  Water Aven is this a cross Pollination?

Finally.... The Bee Orchids are showing again this year on the industrial estate grass verges in Burnley


  1. Interesting that you've got the water avens/wood avens hybrid in your garden - there's a place here in Weardale where you can find both parents and hybrids that show every variation in between. Wood avens is a problem weed in the dry soil of our garden - those hooked seeds get everywhere if I let it flower!

  2. I've been on holiday for a couple of weeks and not too pleased to be back home but it was nice to come back and see you last three posts with so many lovely orchid pictures. It is a good time of year searching out all these little beauties:)

  3. where both Geums are present you will get the hybrid, G. x intermedium. No sign of our Bee Orchids again this year :(

  4. To Phil and the Duxbury Ramblers.....Thanks for the information.