Saturday, 22 June 2013

A new area

Sat. 22nd June 2013
      The area where we live is adjacent to many stretches of beautiful countryside i.e. the Ribble Valley, the Forest of Bowland and the Yorkshire Dales, so we've had no reason to venture into what I though were less attractive stretches of countryside to the south of our area in what was industrial Lancashire.  But things have changed and what was once scarred countryside from bygone industries has now been reclaimed and on our visit to Moses Gate Country park near Bolton we were quite impressed by the unspoiled countryside along the banks of the River Croal down to the confluence with the River Irwell. Both rivers were much cleaner than we expected and although they still have some way to go there were minnows in both rivers so the river clean up is well underway.
                Through Moses Country Park there were many Marsh and Common Spotted Orchids in the grassland and around some of the ponds Southern Marsh Orchids.
            But the main reason for our visit was the Nob End nature reserve which is located on the northern side of the confluence of the rivers Croal and Irwell . The site was used around 1850-1870 as a tip for alkaline waste from the production of Sodium Carbonate. In the past 150 years the site has weathered down and has now become a nature reserve with a rich calculus's grassland which has attracted many plants(some rare) and at least 8 species of orchids.

                                      Nob End nature res.

 Just a few pictures of some of yesterdays flowers on the reserve

                          A new flower to us ..... Blue-eyed-grass

                                   Northern Marsh Orchids

                                     Early Marsh Orchids

                                    Southern Marsh Orchids ?

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  1. Dear Mrs. and Mr. Crossley,

    On the 4th and 5th of June we were your Dutch neighbours on the Caravan Club Site in Hawes. You were very proud about discovering the Burnt-Tip Orchid that same day and showed us various pictures of this little flower.You also gave us your blog-address, and that is the reason now we can admire your very beautiful photos of all thes orchids. We enjoyed it very much. Keep on walking and relaxing outdoors, it is a great way to live your live. Many greetings: Regina and Dick van Beek