Tuesday, 11 June 2013

My Favourite Time Of Year

Tuesday 11th June 2013
      The weather has been sunny and warm up to today so we took advantage of the warm spell and had 9 days in our motorhome in 2 locations here up in the north of England. Talking to visitors from Holland and Switzerland on holiday in our country they said that that we were so lucky to be surrounded with such beautiful unspoilt and varied countryside and we need never go abroad.  Of coarse the country is at its best in late May and early June and it was an absolute delight to be out exploring the quiet lanes and little known paths in pursuit of our favourite pass time .... yes no surprise, "its find the orchids time again".
      Firstly 4 days around Arnside and Silverdale  around Morecambe Bay an area of woods and limestone pastures, first we revisited the Lotts which is known for its early season orchids.

                  Silverdale Lotts.... a managed area of old pastures

                         Just a few of the many Early Purple Orchids

                            Also the rarer Green-Winded Orchid

                   The woodlands were full of Ramsons (wild garlic)

            Early Purple Orchids growing amongst the Dog Mercury

 Another days walk around the popular area of Arnside Knott finding many more Early Purple Orchids

The Morcambe Bay Walk 9 an eight miles crossing across the dangerous sands at low tide.... led by Cedric Robinson the Queen's Guide. click on photo to enlarge.

              Woodlands along the coastal path full of Lily of theValley

              Checking the beautiful scent of this delicate waxy flower

                         The large expanse of Morcambe Bay

 The Limestone pavements in the area are famous for their wild flowers

                                        Bird's-eye Primrose

                                              False Oxslip

After many years of careful seed sowing and propagation at Kew Gardens (from the last 2 plants in the wild in England), the Ladies Slipper has been re-introduced back into some of its original habitats.

               The wardens must be congratulated on the natural planting

Moving on to Wensleydale in Yorkshire for more walks in this lovely dale.

      Setting off from Hawes one of the highest market towns in England

                        Dry stone walls and Buttercup meadows

                                    Mill Gill Force near Askrigg

                         Through the Buttercup meadows to Askrigg

There are still a few meadows untouched by modern farming

                                More Green-Winged Orchids


The find of the day.....The Burnt-tip Orchid

                 These 3 tiny orchids are to the left of Audrey's hand

Just a few more pictures of our wanderings through the Wensleydale area

                            Through the Meadow to Burtersett

                                   The top of Wether Fell

                               Mossy Saxifrage on Wether fell

                                              Aysgarth Falls

                                    Gateway to Bishopdale

                         Through the meadows to West Burton

                I liked the reflections under the bridge in West Burton

                  Changing the camera settings.... a different result    
Finally the old stone gateway into Waldendale, a dale that we've never walked in before


  1. The weather has been kind and we were probably on the other side of Morcambe Bay at Knott End. When we get the weather there is no better place :)

  2. Wow... more beautiful countryside and wonderful blooms... what a great effect is created by all that wild garlic and the ladyslippers are wonderful... very enjoyable post! Larry

  3. Just got in to wild flowers this year and your photos have been a great help with I.D some of the plants I have found.Know the area well in the last set of photos as I come from Yorkshire,Langcliffe is were I grew up.