Tuesday, 2 August 2011

John Williams's garden triumphs again

Monday 1st August 2011
          I know I've sung the praises of John's garden before on previous posts but this year his borders are more lush, vibrant and mature than on all the previous visits I've had over the years.
          This garden was started when John bought the farm 1000 ft. up in the Pennines on a north facing slope in a cold high valley high above Hebden Bridge,Yorkshire 46 years ago. Today it is an oasis for nature that would  not occur but for the shelter and micro climate that John has created.    
          John trained and qualified as a botanist, he has a keen interest in art and a great eye for colour and composition, this is why the planting looks so right when you wonder around his delightful garden.
      John has been contacted by the BBC Gardeners World Programme Team who are arriving shortly to film a sequence for the programme in the next few weeks.

To the right of the picture one of Johns special plants.... the Cardiocrinum Giganteum ( the Giant Himalayan Lily) this is the last of the Himalayan Lilies still in flower this year.

An orchid type plant but it's a member of the Ginger family but I don't know it's name.

                          Filipendula Nubra (Pink Meadowsweet)

                Over the years a  natural moss garden has developed



  1. What a fabulous post and absolutely amazing Garden! Your photos are spectacular. Seeing something like this makes me take pause and reconsider some of the things I am doing in my own gardens.... this is truly and inspiration! Larry

  2. What a joy to look at these photos! This garden looks beautiful in the Summer, but I can imagine it would look magical in the Winter too when covered in snow, with all the fir trees and evergreens. I think my favourite bit is the natural moss 'garden'. It's fantastic!

  3. BBC must have gotten the idea from your lovely film, David. I love how it looks like it is on the verge of going wild.