Tuesday, 16 August 2011

The last of the season

Tuesday 15th Aug 2011.
                Guess what, it's back to our dismal summer weather again this morning cloudy, windy, damp and  cool . Yesterday there was a window of sunshine so we travelled over to the coast around Morecambe Bay just to the south of the Lake District to find our last orchid of the season....the Autumn Ladies Tresses. This orchid is very easily overlooked because of it's size (about 2" average height) it just merges into the surrounding grasses.
        Armed with my video camera I managed to capture several nicely framed shots for another film on our wild orchids. Over the last two years I've lugged my video camera ,tripod, camera bean bag and microphone around with me capturing our many walks into the wild and beautiful locations in which these beautiful flowers grow. Some of our visits coincided with a particular location when the orchids would be in flower, other orchids were stumbled upon accidentally so I always had to carry my video equipment round with me for the unexpected discovery, a bit of a chore sometimes but always worth it in the end. I hope to portray in my film that our country has a very varied and beautiful landscape.In my travels around our countryside I've still only managed to film a third of the 54 orchid species that grow over the length and breadth of our countryside.
      Here are a few shots of the lovely "Autumn Ladies Tresses" with me getting down to capture these tiny orchids (eccentric to watch by any passerby) but essential material for what I hope will make a good film.
      There will be many hours of editing before I'm satisfied that the end product will satisfy and interest the general public(be it a limited audience.)

                     Typical coastal scenery around Morcambe Bay

                                     Audrey on camera

Close camera shots are essential to capture the beauty of these tiny flowers


  1. Ah, it's like seeing an old friend and right when you said it would happen, too. I'm looking forward to your video some day. Orchids seem to ignite that kind of passion. Last year we had a fellow come meet up with us so we could show him an endangered orchid. His goal? To photograph every one of CA's almost 50 native orchids.

  2. Well, no one can accuse you of being unprepared! Determination and persistence are essential elements to success. I'm expecting more great things of you, David. It is fun to watch you assemble the parts that you stitch into such delightful final products. Not to mention the vicarious pleasures of your botanical treasure hunt.


  3. Never seen the ALT, but hope to this year in Kent or failing that Worcs. Lovely photos, esp with that backdrop. Mel

  4. It feels like Autumn is fast approaching David, but those are lovely sunny shots of Morecambe Bay. It looks really nice there. :)

  5. Wonderful photos. Beautiful plants, orchids! :)