Wednesday, 10 August 2011

It's almost the end of our orchid season

Wed. 10th Aug 2011
         Today is an absolute miserable cold wet day with lashing rain and a strong southwesterly  wind and a temperature of only 12c. Thank goodness we had some sun yesterday and were able to get out into the Ribble Valley for this years check on the Broad-leaved Helleborine  which grows in the mature beech woods. We've visited three sites this year and the ground conditions which the orchid grows in are almost identical, shaded bare ground with no competition from more vigorous plants and always under beech trees.
       There's just one more wild orchid which is starting to flower about now (Autumn Ladies Tresses)  so we'll be seeking it out during the next couple of weeks.

Because the light levels are very low in the woods I've boosted the contrast a little on Photoshop.



  1. It is interesting to hear about your Broad-leaved Helloborines growing under Beech Trees. I came accross one in the pony field the other day but didn't notice what type of trees were around it..I will have to look next time I am over there. The orchid season seems to have gone by so quickly this year.

  2. The ones I've seen were under the shade of redwoods and douglas-firs where very few plants grow. I actually found one all white, leaves and stems included, in a particularly dark place. It was difficult to get a picture of it. Yours look pretty short. The ones I saw in my post were easily 3-4 feet.

  3. A nice find, they like dark shady woodland of all types and strangely there's a goodly colony in Glasgow apparently on waste ground - presumably spoil dumped there containing elements of the plant.