Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Some uncommon finds

Wed. 27th July 2011
          In our never ending pursuit of combing our local countryside for our local flora we've come upon some unusual  and uncommon flowers.
  Firstly I've visited a new colony of Broad- Leaved Helleborines in the Calder Valley near to my home after being informed by a friend and naturalist.

And a little further afield around Malham Tarn a couple of flowers that I wasn't sure of, but I've identified them  later off the Interet.

                                             Malham Tarn

                                               Great Burnet

There are 2 similar summer flowering gentians in our area  the Autumn  & Field Gentian this is the Field Gentian because of it's 4 lobed flowers.

                          A late flowering Birds-eye primrose

                                           Mossy Saxifrage

This was a bit of a puzzle but after going on the Internet I identified it as Self- heal but it was classed as a Sport a type of mutation because of the white flowers.

                                        Bog Asphodel

                           A late flowering Northern Marsh Orchid

And finally one of my favourites.....Grass of Parnassus growing in Malham Tarn mire


  1. We get a lot of self heal around here but I've never seen a white one before..interesting mutation and lucky to find it:))

  2. What a fantastic collection of flowers! I am oozing with envy. Grass of Parnassus is one of my favourites too, but I've not seen it since I was up at....Malham Tarn mire many years ago. Happy days! Mel

  3. Hey, I saw broadleaf hellborines blooming here in California on the same day as your post. Your northern marsh orchid is simply lovely.

  4. I've been enchanted with wild flowers all my life & I am still learning. Your website & your flower hunting story is wonderful, lovely photos, thank you ;-)