Saturday, 23 July 2011

Down a flowery lane

   Sat. 23rd July 2011
             Another walk around Feizor wood near to the village of Austwick  for some late orchids,  but absolutely  nothing,  this is definitely a spring- time wood and the only orchid that seems to grow there is the Early Purple Orchid of which there are hundreds.The end of the walk improved with a lovely show of summer flowers down a very pleasant flowery lane.

                               Austwick from Feizor wood

                             A few nice drifts of Betony

             Through the trees the unmistakable shape of Pen-y-Ghent

                 Down amongst the Meadowsweet on the flowery lane

There were also plenty of the beautiful Giant Bellflower and Meadow Crane's-bill to add to the overall picture

                                             Giant Bellflower

                                        Meadow Crane's-bill


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  1. Such beautiful views David. It's lovely to see the wildflowers growing naturally. The one with the Meadowsweet is amazing! I grew some from seed and have it planted in the garden.... I hope it eventually looks as wonderful as those in your photograph.