Sunday, 17 July 2011

A New Water Feature

  Sunday  17th July 2011
                               Today is cool and wet, a complete contrast to last Sat. when I filmed the latest pond installation in a garden in the heart of the Trough of Bowland. This was another pond built by my son and his gardening team, as it becomes established I'm sure it will attract a lot of wildlife into the garden.


  1. The pond looks so lovely and natural..I can just imagine it in a year or two's time:)

  2. Great job... wonderfully composed! Larry

  3. Hi David, I do like your son's work. This is another fine example too. Nice to see in video especially. Great job there too.

    Would love to get time to complete my wildlife pond but keep getting distracted with more pressing jobs in the garden :-)

  4. Truly beautiful David! I'm without speakers at the moment, so I don't know what the commentary is..... but the pond looks wonderful.