Monday, 3 January 2011

Pottering around Pendle Hill

Sunday 2nd Jan.2011
   It's cold and cloudy today not very inspirational, but to try and kick start us into action again and regain our fitness the four of us (our friends Jim & Shirley) had about a 5 miles walk around our very local Pendleside paths and lanes.
     Before the walk a quick look around the garden I found the Snowdrops were beginning to grow they've been showing since the beginning of Nov .

            The pond hasn't been free from ice since the 24th Nov.2010

  I'm surprised to see how advanced they are in spite of the very cold December

                                A few images of our Pendle Hill


                         The first Pussy Willows are opening
                                            Blacko Tower
                                On the old road to Barley

                               Pendle Hill from above Roughlee


  1. Its quite surprising what's been going on under the snow. I haven't got any Snowdrops yet but we have found that our Rhubarb has started sprouting. Maybe it will be an early Spring:)

  2. Not seen any new life yet but the ice & snow have only just gone. This morning we have another covering of snow, only a thin layer at the moment.

  3. The snowdrops will be through at our old garden. :O)

    Lovely photos again David. I especially like the one of the old road to Barley. You must be fit as a fiddle walking up and down all those hills. :)