Friday, 28 January 2011

My Wilderness

Frid. 28th Jan. 2011
                               I've chosen an area of open country not far from my home which I consider to be the nearest area of wilderness that hasn't been touched by the hand of man. It's an area on top of the Pennines where the scars of the last ice age have left their mark on this wild and unforgiving country. This area is at the back of Boulsworth in an area of wild beautiful moorland around a ridge called the Dove Stones, If you want solitude away from the crowds this area offers that and a wildness that I enjoy. In Spring and Summer this is country reserved for the Golden Plover, Dunlin, Twite and the Red Grouse, but on this bitterly cold morning with a biting easterly wind all we heard  were the sound of the Grouse and the sound of a Jet Airliner as it passed overhead on its final approach to Leeds Bradford International Airport.

                     The shallow U-shaped glaciated valley between
                     Boulsworth and the Dove Stones

                                    The Dove Stones Ridge

                                    The Millstone Grit Outcrops

                     Pendle Hill behind the slopes of Boulsworth

               Final approach to Leeds Bradford  International  Airport

       Looking across to Wuthering Heights .....Charlotte Bronte Country


  1. Stunning scenery there, David. I love rocky areas in landscapes like this. I guess in spring/summer you'll look for plants in the crevices which must be fun :-)

  2. Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. Love your walking photo-montages. I will look forward to more in the future. All the best, Andrew