Thursday, 6 January 2011

Finished at last

Thurs.6th Jan 2011
I've just finished my new video "It's Just My Garden". Over the past 18 months I've followed John Williams around his garden in a high valley on a north facing slope in the Pennines above Hebden Bridge in West Yorkshire I tried to capturing the mood of his garden through the seasons.
The video is 20mins long so I've selected a short section from Springtime.


  1. Hi David, found this for you:

    "YouTube has changed the default size for embedded videos. By default they're getting bigger at either 480x385 for a 4:3 video, or 640x385 for a 16:9 video." Seen at

    Perhaps you need to selct a different option during upload or try the custom setting. Maybe you tried that :-)

    Hope you get it sorted. Nce filming. You picked the best season for me here - I adore meconopsis :-D

  2. Hello David...very impressive video of what looks like a very impressive garden. It gave me a lovely warm feeling of better weather to come on what has been a cold, gloomy and very wet day:))

  3. One Word "FABULOUS" looking forward to seeing the rest of it.
    Julie x

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  5. Great film Dave and what a Garden! I really liked the background music as well, it all fitted together really well.
    cheers Colin.

  6. I removed the first comment I made because of a
    spelling mistake Lol.
    Cheers Colin.

  7. Thanks shirl
    I looked on the internet and obtained a short formula for maintaining the correct 16:9 this formula has to be entered into the TAG section before commencing the upload.

  8. Very enjoyable - will we get the chance to see the full film ?

  9. How did I miss this.... I've been spending too long in the attic! :O) You have a great talent here David, for production and filmwork. What a beautiful garden.... I need to go there and I need to meet those two lovely little doggies. :D Truly enjoyable film David, thank you!

  10. Hi again David, being a gardener who loves to visit gardens I am loving seeing clips of your excellent film :-D

    You have captured both John and his garden very well. Being the only gardener here I can completely relate to much he has said. Of course, I always enjoy listening to your narrative too :-)

    Glad you got sorted with your code. Thankfully, I didn't have any trouble uploading my first two HD videos. I did the same as always.

    Just to say, I always adjust the height and width directly into the html code when I add it to my blog. Sorry, I was in a rush when I left my previous comment :-)

    I've experimented in the past to get the measurements that fill the width of my blog column and have kept a note of the widescreen ones I have shown by others. That works for me. Get in touch if you want me to try the same for you.