Wednesday, 26 January 2011

First signs of Sping

Wed 26th Jan.2011
                           The weather has turned colder again this morning 1c early but the first signs of spring are showing in my garden and my first Snowdrops are almost out. The water level in the pond is quite low and its good to see that many of the frogs have survived the winter under the ice but I've had a few casualties earlier in the month.The frogs in my garden bury themselves into the mud and hibernate on the bottom of the pond and I've never found them hibernating under the log and rock piles or in the compost heap.

The frogs can be seen splay legged and some are showing signs of mating the females are plump with the developing spawn.


  1. No buds on our snowdrops as yet, glad to hear most of the frogs have survived.

  2. Hi David..You seemed to be quite advanced on us as there is hardly a bud on our snowdrops yet, although, I do have two crocuses that are nearly out. No sign of frogs either.

  3. Oh David... love those snowdrops! That's quite a clump you have forming there. Very nice. Interesting to hear about your frogs too. Enjoy the rest of your weekend :-)