Wednesday, 1 December 2010

We've got off lightly

Wed. 1st Dec 2010
     Like most areas in the British Isles we've had some snow, here in NE Lancashire we've got off lightly because we're sheltered by the Pennines from the blast of Siberian air which always dumps the snow more to the east.... saying that as write this blog the snows fairly coming down, with this very cold weather our pheasant has returned for its second winter in and around our garden he most know he's going to be well fed. Yesterday we had an exhilarating walk into the keen wind that was blowing across the local fields near to our house, I've tried to capture a few images that portray the onset of winter.

                               Looking east to the Pennines

                          Snow sculptures on the dry stone walls

                                       Bouldsworth Hill

                         Wind sculptures in the frozen snow

                                    Sunset 3.30 pm


  1. Nice pics! In Seattle, WA we also got some snow from a Yukon Air invasion-----a lot of it. It's pretty, but I'm not quite used to it being this heavy. Nice blog you have here :) - Jamie

  2. I've got a great recipe for pheasant pate. Good to see you. Keep blogging. I will be a regular.