Wednesday, 22 December 2010

We've avoided the snow again

Wed. 22nd Dec 2010
                                There's been some terrible disruption because of the heavy snow in many parts of the country but thankfully we've had very little, no more than 2- 3 inches, yes it's been very cold down to -12c in our immediate area and down to -17c in other parts of  N.W. England. I haven't done much walking over the past couple of weeks just a few circulars of no more than 6 miles from our  house. Snow conditions photography-wise have been very ordinary so there's been very few photo's taken.

                    Looking S.E. to the snow clouds that past us by

             A few holly berries that still haven't been eaten by the birds

            A few wild orchid spikes all that remain from from last July

                Icicles hanging from Barden bridge over Pendle Water

 This is a good stretch on the River Calder to (I hope) watch Salmon spawn now that the river has been cleaned up and the weirs have been removed on the lower reaches but so far no signs of the Salmon

                          Redshank on the River Calder

Finally..... wild orchid spikes in my garden and the same orchids in july in their full glory


  1. Photos are great love the icicles, All the best for Christmas and New Year from the Ramblers.

  2. Hi there David, snow is all around this year isn’t it? Nice captures, the orchids are my favs here.

    Thinking about the berries some more, I remember BBC Countryfile mentioning last year that if birds leave berries on the trees this late on that a hard winter is to be expected.

    Just wanted to pop by tonight to wish you a Merry Christmas and all my best wishes for 2011 :-)