Thursday, 9 December 2010

Chrstmas Card scenery from Shakespeare Country

Thursday 9th Dec. 2010
    Over the last 4 days we've been visiting our daughter and family in Alcester in Warwickshire in the heart of Shakespeare country .The weather has been very cold with frost both day and night, perfect for Alcester's.... 
St. Nicholas's street festival which is held every year in the town's main street.This year it has had an added bonus with the formation of freezing fog which gave the event a sparkling christmassy feel and left the surrounding countryside coated in hoar frost, everywhere you looked it was like a scene out of a Christmas Card, the whole countryside was absolute magic.

                                      St Nicholas's night

The sparkle is from the tiny ice crystals illuminated by the camera flash

     The full beauty of the freezing fog was revealed the following morning....

               A Couple of shots of Alcester from the Monarch's Way

                                         Along the river Alne

                The ice crystals show off the oak leaves in a new light

                                               Hog Weed

                                      Alcester Church

                                      Over the hill to Wixford


                   Just as beautiful on the way back to Alcester


  1. bloody superb!
    Dave and Sylvie Brown

  2. could make a whole set of Christmas cards with those pictures:)

  3. Great shots, love the frosted trees.

  4. Each photo is a prize winner.

  5. Fantastic pics Dave I don't know how I managed
    to miss these, really like Julies card as well
    Cheers Colin.

  6. Hi, great pictures! seems to be a very cold day1 :)