Sunday, 28 November 2010

Ten sunny miles

Sun 28th Nov. 2010
                             Today's walk was on our doorstep being never more than 5 miles from most of our homes. It's a walk that I've that done a few times but on the return homeward we ensured that we'd walk on some of the more obscure paths to give us different views that we wouldn't normally see. We've been lucky with the weather in our area missing the snowfalls and only having a dusting. Today it was gloriously sunny but cold -7c at the start of the walk and never getting above zero all day. Not a lot to see on the nature side, a couple of Dippers on the hill streams, 3 Roe Deer, a couple of Snipe and a flock of Fieldfare. The walk was just over 10 miles the day being very invigorating in the cold frosty air.

                         Walking above the Amergill Valley

              The highest part of the walk the top of Weets Hill 1300ft.

             Looking north up Ribblesdale with Pen-Y-Ghent to the right

                                          Pendle Hill

                                     The distant Howgill Fells

Blacko Tower a local landmark with the town of Nelson in the background

                       The view towards Foulridge, on our way back

 Slipper Hill Res. one of the many feeder Reservoirs for the Leeds-Liverpool Canal


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