Monday, 1 November 2010

Waxwings and Salmon

Monday 1st Nov.2010
                         First just a quick mention of our bit of luck of being in the right  place at the right time. On Sat. afternoon on a short walk along the Leeds & Liverpool Canal at East Marton near Skipton a flock of about 30 Waxwings landed in an Ash tree just as we were walking passed on the canal towpath. I managed to get a distant photo of them before they flew off to a nearby Hawthorn bush and started to strip the berries. Also on the walk we saw the Kingfisher, 2 Goldcrests and several Long- tailed Tits.

Yesterday on our weekly Sunday walk with our friends we had another stab at  seeing some Salmon.
.The best place to see them is at Stainforth Foss on the River Ribble in Upper Ribblesdale. I never tire of watch them leaping up the falls and I've been visiting this spot for over 50 years. Yesterday was particular pleasant on a quite Autumn day with many of the Autumn colours at their best.

                           The village green.... Langcliffe


                Walking back to the town of Settle on the Ribble Way


  1. Fantastic shots, thats an impressive collection of birds you spotted on your walk. I saw a lot of waxwings two year ago but surprisingly during the hard winter we had last year migrant waxwings were low in the uk.

  2. Just seen a post on a Craft website about Waxwings, saying that they have run out of food in Scandanavia and that they usually migrate to our East coast but have come further west.

  3. great shot of the leaping Salmon Dave. I wished we got Waxwings down this neck of the woods
    Cheers Colin.